NLED Technology and the Future of LEDs

You may have heard of OLED and QLED technologies dominating the TV market in recent years. Just as LED TVs are shifting to OLED and QLED, LED lights are shifting towards NLED. 

High color accuracy, a specification crucial to any image, has long been a goal in display technology. The same is true for illumination technology designed to light up your home and work space.

NLEDs offer desired color accuracy while retaining the reliability, lifespan, and value of traditional LEDs. 

Example Applications:

  • Cosmetics application and vanity lighting
  • Illustration and coloring
  • Photography and light painting
  • Illumination of printed media
  • General Lighting

NLEDs are next generation LED lighting products designed to maximize Color Rendering Index (CRI). They work by utilizing a proprietary phosphor to absorb blue LED light, and then release it as full-spectrum high CRI light which closely simulates pure sunlight.

patented NLED remote phosphor


NLEDs are graded by CRI. Ideal CRI output comes from the sun, fire, and inefficient incandescent bulbs; scoring 100. EyeMate NLEDs output 96+ CRI. Typical LED lights output around 80-90 CRI while fluorescent and older LED bulbs output around 60-80 CRI.

Eyemate high CRI comparison