Blue Light Protection

Our eyes are exposed to many forms of light. Some, like lasers, are very dangerous. When working with lasers, eye protection in the form of goggles or glasses is always advised.

Short-wavelength radiation (UV and blue light) can also be harmful. Visual exposure to blue light is known to alter the body's natural circadian rhythms. However effective UV/blue blocking glasses may be though, wearing protective glasses all the time is neither fashionable nor practical. This is why we build eye protection features directly into our products.

Patented proprietary nanotech phosphor

Our patented phosphor offers optimal protection from short-wavelength radiation. The 3D spherical surface provides uniform light distribution. EyeMate pairs its phosphor with high end electronic drivers, diodes, and other components.

If blue light can alter the body's natural rhythms, why are LED lights based on blue LED chips?

The answer is blue LED chips are the most stable and easy to manufacture. This is why manufacturers continue to use blue chips. In traditional LEDs, this results in poor color rendering and a bluish effect that is particularly uncomfortable in the morning and evening.

EyeMate NLEDs utilize proprietary technologies to convert the blue light into a full-spectrum light which closely matches natural sunlight. This light is also UV free.

When investing in new LED lighting for your home or workplace, look for products with integrated protective features.

EyeMate blue light reduction and protection

What about eye strain?

Look for flicker-free LED products to minimize eye strain. The easiest way to test for flicker is to point a digital camera at a light source. If dark lines appear, this means the product flickers.

EyeMate flicker-free light